Reaction Time Challenge

Posted: Tuesday 1st Mar 2005 at 07:29PM

Who has the fastest reactions in the world? Is it you? Let's put it too the test right here.

Simply take the reaction speed test and see if you can make it onto the leader board of the fastest clickers!

This is something I've been working on to combine a bit of PHP/MySQL with Flash as an experiment.

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Damn game pisses me off...LMAO
Posted by: Hopey on 4th Mar 05 - 08:30PM
Posted by: Dopey on 9th Mar 05 - 05:13PM
this game iz tha nuts!
Posted by: toastedhombre on 14th Mar 05 - 05:40AM
the game isnt working.. i got a low enough average for the high scores but it says i had a penalty.. when i clearly didnt!
Posted by: not workin on 14th Mar 05 - 07:05AM
too much latency for this to be acccurate... everyone would have to be on the same computer and input device for it to function. I threw together a phototransistor and a nand gate circuit, hooked to an old mouse cord. it was hitting speeds slower than listed as best...
Posted by: dragon5126 on 14th Mar 05 - 09:10AM
You f***ing geek dragon5126! It's a bit of fun not a scientific investigation, now go play with your phototransistor and a nand gate somewhere else. Did you think that maybe its your crappy DIY nerd machine thats not working rather than the game?
Posted by: Ste Riley on 14th Mar 05 - 09:13AM
erm...ok? this is waay to reminicent of year 7 science......
Posted by: Ashybaby on 14th Mar 05 - 09:14AM
I want to get on the high score :( If only my fingers weren't so fat!! DAM YOU CAKES!!!
Posted by: VenHamin! on 14th Mar 05 - 03:41PM
pretty cool. proves i'm not getting any younger
Posted by: teimpdjim on 14th Mar 05 - 04:07PM
If you are penalized onse, u have to press F5 to refresh the page otherwise if you play again without penalties it well tell you no high score due to penalty, even though you didn't make one...there you go
Posted by: Michael Smith on 14th Mar 05 - 05:12PM