Serving Hard Time

Posted: Sunday 30th Jul 2006 at 01:07AM

Well, here I am, nearly 1am and I am sat in work on a Saturday night, I never thought it would happen but it has. Anyway I'm here tonight to upload a few files online then I have to sit here till up to 10am Sunday morning. I'm going to be keeping a blow-by-blow account here of what happening. I've been out to John's party tonight and I was in no mood for going to work when we rolled into town at half 11. This was never going to be easy though so I've had to bite the bullet and wave goodbye to the remaining party revellers.

11:45pm - Arrive at the CIS building, every entrance has the shutters down. I bang on one, then try the next and notice an intercom on the wall; I give it a press and get security. After him telling me there is no one in the building "no shit" I repeat my name several times and he lets me in.

11:48pm - Get to my desk, the lights are off, I need a piss first so I head for the toilets. All the lights and switches are easy to find on the way. On my return I find clamber around in the dark and finally find the switch for the floor. Let there be light. Walk back to my desk to notice a copy of the Open magazine, people actually drop this rubbish off on your desk after you've gone home. They must have a worse job that me! All I can hear at the moment is the ticking of the clock on the wall and the clicking of the hard-drive... my new friends.

12:00am - Time to fill in my timesheet, I'd forgotten all about it on Friday, filled in John's as well, seems we was in too much of a rush to get to the pub on Friday night.

12:15am - I get the call to say I should publish the files to live. That's all I'm here for, an hour ahead of time, maybe I'll get to go home at 9am, oh the joy.

12:45am - After waiting for the cache to clear I finally raise the call to say I'm done. I've already had a call to see what the hell was going on, in this job; the cache is a complete bastard. Learn to hate it.

1:00am - I'm meant to phone security every hour but I can't be arsed with that, its a bit too short for my liking. It's probably a health and safety issue, but I feel quite healthy at the moment, so I'll wait till 2.

1:05am - Reality is beginning to set in now, at the earliest I might be able to go at 8am, but that?s wishful thinking probably, I'm not sure now what to do. I can hit another Pro Plus to keep me going, I'll be doing 1 every hour now for the next 8. This stuff better be good shit!

1:17am - Just invited 6 people from RunnersWorld to my Nike+ Challenge to run 50 miles. Just checked my goals and I'm already behind since I've not been out running Friday and Saturday because I've been drunk or saving energy for tonight. I'll have to recover my losses over the week. My eyes are feeling pretty heavy already when I close them, could be trouble ahead.

1:25am - The feckin lights just went out on me; they must be on a timer of an hour if you don't move about. Just had security come up as well to remind me to phone him every hour, seems like I won't be able to have any sleep after all!

2:55am - Just finished reading about Micheal Schumachers career, things really are that low. I'm writing this in the dark as the lights have gone off again; I'm going to get sick of turning them back on quite soon. Only another 5 minutes to go till I get the joy of phoning security again to tell them I'm still alive. Might hit the PSP soon for some gaming.

2:59am - Haha, I've just bothered to check if the web sites have actually updated with the changes I made a couple of hours ago. Thank god they have!

3:11am - While sinking deeper into sadness I looked up the CIS Tower entry on Wikipedia and by chance, someone has just removed the Tube of Justice reference this Saturday afternoon. For god's sake, I'm looking at the dam thing now!!! The tube of justice exists... who dares edit that from that page? Whoever it was is stupid enough to believe that there is a nuclear bunker under the tower anyway, unless they know something about -B6. *FURY* Time for another Pro Plus.

3:51am - Just been playing GTA on the PSP for a while, its the same old stuff though and I'm pretty bored with it already, I'm going to see if I can load of LocoRoco and try something a bit new that requires less brain power. Will give my friend in security a call soon and hit another Pro Plus.

4:58am - Nearing the half way point now, the sun is coming up over Manchester now as I look out the window. Time for something to eat, I've got some corn-dog butties with me to snaffle. Might as well eat these and watch the sun come up. Been playing this LocoRoco game on the PSP for the last hour. I've not got a clue what its about, you just control some singing blob that rolls around, its helping passing the time though.

5:26am - Well that?s the food entertainment all gone. 2 corn-dog butties, 1 mini pork pie and an apple. Pretty bored now, it's getting pretty light outside though, I can sit here with the lights off now and see what I'm doing. Had a wonder around the floor for a while but nothing much of interest to report on. I think these Pro Plus are doing the job though don't feel to bad sleep wise.

5:37am - I can see the sun! I've just burnt my eyes out looking at it too much. Taken some photos with my poxy camera, don't know how well they'll turn out. I've resorted to taking photos of my sad looking face in the glow of the sun too. Rocking to the Stevie Wonder video (below) at the moment, make sure to check it out.

6:07am - Starting to feel pretty tired now, done my 6th Pro Plus, I can only have another 2 till I'm OD'ing. Stuck on some tunes now and trying to get some shuteye but my heads pounding a bit now. Yawning quite often as well, this is it; I'll have to fight it all the way now. I can't fall asleep or I'll have Trevor the security guard come prodding me checking I'm alive if I don't give him a call on the hour. I'm on about my 3rd Litre of water now too; think I'm just drinking out of boredom.

7:02am - Well the last hour has been fairly uneventful, I've just phoned Trevor to check in and he said he's going home now so I'll have a new Trevor when I call at 8. Nice and bright now, just listening to MP3's still. Flicked through the dull pages of the internal company magazine for half an hour, nearly put me to sleep, so I've put it away.

7:28am - ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO! It's gone live earlier than expected, I'm free to go, woohoo! Time to get home n get some kip.

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Well, at least you are not the only one up. Sitting in my room sleepless b/c of the heat and excitiment of my looming vacation. I am sure you will make it through the night! Look forward to the updates :D
Posted by: Mary G on 30th Jul 06 - 04:24AM
Hiya Mary! Nice to hear from you, least I know I'm updating with an audience now! smile Where are you off on holiday? My eyes are getting pretty heavy but I've got faith I can manage this :p
Posted by: Ste Riley on 30th Jul 06 - 04:28AM
Going home to the island for a bit, then camping with my younger sister. We know nothing about camping but are sure we can manage it. Have a weekend full of adventures planned. Now we just need good weather. So what are you doing in at work?
Posted by: Mary G on 30th Jul 06 - 04:32AM
Camping should be good fun, not been camping for years... just as long as you can manage to get the tent up, you can't go wrong! The online banking systems are being upgraded tonight, so I've just got to update some links on the web site. Which I did at about 12:15am and now I have to sit here till about 10am till another team complete their tests and say its safe to go home! If anything goes wrong in that time they'll give me a call and I have to reverse what I did earlier. So I'm just sat here now going insane! :(
Posted by: Ste Riley on 30th Jul 06 - 04:35AM
Thats Awful! You have to sit there doing nothing till 10 am? Do you have to stay awake? How has life been lately? I read that you are taking up a new running hobby.
Posted by: Mary G on 30th Jul 06 - 04:46AM
Yup just sit here and wait for that 'potential' call if anything goes wrong so I have to stay awake really otherwise I might not wake up when they call :p I'm doing well at the moment, you've read right I am going running quite often now with my new gizmo shoes. You should get a pair yourself if you've got an iPod nano! Starting the 50 mile challenge on Monday with 5 others, so I'm in a bit of competition now too. Not much else to report on though.
Posted by: Ste Riley on 30th Jul 06 - 04:58AM
Sounds like a good encouragement to start running. Unfortunately I am tech-deficient and do not own an ipod. So I'd have to buy the sneakers and nano ipod. Have heard about this technology a few mnths back. Glad to see that it is more than a conversation now. So what do you do when you work at a bank and have to stay there all night? Was looking at your photo gallery too. Not too many of you on there. What a shame really.
Posted by: Mary G on 30th Jul 06 - 05:02AM
Not too much to do at the moment really, just play on my PSP and listen to some MP3's and sit tight. I'm in the Insurance tower rather than the bank tonight. If you search for 'CIS Tower' on Wikipedia you can see of photo of the building I'm in at the moment, sat on the 7th floor. Just wondering around the floor at the moment trying to find the best view of the city centre. Your right about me not appearing on the photo gallery too often, you don't want to see my ugly mug on there it'll just end up scaring people off smile Sadly I'm not to photogenic so my pictures always turn out poor :(
Posted by: Ste Riley on 30th Jul 06 - 05:12AM
Your mug is a matter of preference then b/c I rather like looking at it. Wikipedia is a wonderful thing huh. Very interesting creation in deed. Well, only 5 hrs left for you to go. I am sure you will make it. Me, on the other hand am off to bed. Otherwise I won't make it through church tomorrow. It would be awful to fall asleep while leading in prayer! Just my luck too smile. Good night Hun. I will check in tomorrow morning to see how the night went. XOXOXO
Posted by: Mary G on 30th Jul 06 - 05:22AM
So what is the Tube of Justice?
Posted by: William on 23rd Oct 06 - 11:59AM