Get Into Online Poker

Wednesday 23rd May 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 07:44PM

If you ever feel yourself wanting to get into a bit of online poker then I recommend you check out a very slick site that will let you play for money or fun. They've just released a new version of the software that allows you to play in a full 3D environment.

They also provide tutorials explaining the rules if your completely new to the game.

I'm off for a quick game myself when the updates finished downloading. Although I'll be trying to keep an eye on the football tonight as well since its the European Cup final. Come on Milan!

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New Laptop

Sunday 15th Apr 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 12:54PM

I bought a new laptop this week, as a present to myself for my birthday, gone for the Dell Inspiron 6400. Seems like a pretty decent machine and I got it speced out quite nicely too.

Just in the process of setting it all up now, while taking in the Bahrain GP, although I'm sweating like a tramp as it's boiling hot outside. Will get myself outside later for a run once the GP has finished.

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I Have Gone Insane

Sunday 25th Mar 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 05:31PM

I have spent to long inside and have finally gone mental. At 5:26pm I lost the plot, I need to get outside and find someone to talk to.

I am off work for the next week and it could mean real trouble, time to start clucking like a chicken again.

If you are unsure what a mentalist is, check out the definition on Wiki. You may not hear from me for a while, I need to go away and rediscover what the purpose of this page was for. Moooo

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Pancakes Delia Style

Tuesday 20th Feb 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 11:30AM

It's pancake day today so it's time to look up a recipe and knock up some tasty pancakes. I'm a bit freaky and eat them without anything on, right out of the pan. Here's what you need according to Delia Smith:


110g/4oz plain flour, sifted

pinch of salt

2 eggs

200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz water

50g/2oz butter

Makes 12-14 (small pancakes I'd say) Preparation time less than 30 mins. Cooking time less than 10 mins.

Scoff the lot and enjoy, I'm planning on beating my record of eating 7 pancakes today.

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Britney Spears Shaves Her Bonce

Sunday 18th Feb 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 06:06PM

What's going in with Britney Spears shaving all her hair off? Has she really lost the plot this time or is she trying to make some kind of statement?

I don't really think its a good look for her anyway.

Here's a totally unrelated game called Tangerine Panic, it's mildly amusing, it'll help you get over the trauma of seeing Brit's baldy head.

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Recover Your Thunderbird Inbox

Sunday 18th Feb 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 06:01PM

If you are a user of Mozilla Thunderbird and ever find that your Inbox is completely blank one day then try the following method to restore it:

  1. Tools > Account Settings..., select the offending account
  2. Choose Server Settings, then navigate in Window Explorer to the listed path under 'Local Directory'
  3. Close Thunderbird
  4. Delete the Inbox.msf in the directory that was listed under 'Local Directory'
  5. Restart Thunderbird
This should then rebuild your Inbox folder and bring back all your missing mails.

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I'm Not Dead

Thursday 25th Jan 2007 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 12:01AM

I'm just busy with other things at the moment, I'll give an update sooner or later no doubt when I've got nothing else better to do with my time.

Hello everyone!

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Sham Service

Saturday 25th Nov 2006 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 11:12AM

You may have noticed the site having a lot of problems over the past month, this has been down to some pretty shoddy support from my service providers.

First off, at the start of the month I was unable to access my webmail for a number of days. This was followed by a complete loss of service on the 10th November when the site was down for over 30 hours.

When the service returned, PHP5 had been removed from the server without explanation. I have wrote to support on a number of occasions and have been completely ignored when questioning when this service is likely to return to full.

This week again I have lost access to my web mail again and then the mySQL service was lost for 24 hours. The mySQL service has been corrected but the web mail is still down, again no explanation has been offered to why this is.

So far this has been one of the worst experiences I've had with a host provider, the last being with RedStation and I'm getting pretty pissed off with this now.

Update: Ironically the mySQL service dropped for a few minutes while I made this post!

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Back From The Capital

Sunday 12th Nov 2006 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 09:58PM

Made it back from London in one piece, everything went well and the course was pretty good, learned a fair amount of new tricks.

I booked into the wrong hotel after a bit of a mix up with work on the first night but got that all sorted on Tuesday morning, ended up staying at the Euston Thistle which was quite nice.

The worst event of the trip was a fire alarm at 2:30am on the Thursday morning, meaning the whole hotel had to be evacuated. Just what you need when your completely knackered from walking around for miles the night before.

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Gone To London

Monday 6th Nov 2006 - Posted By: Ste Riley at 04:15PM

I'll be away in London on a Java Programming course till this Friday night. Being sent on my tod by work, so can't see it being much fun!

Just had my copy of Pro Evo 6 turn up as well, which I bought from eBay for only £28, bargain.

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