Ham Salad: Katsouris Deli

Posted: Friday 24th Jul 2009 at 01:25PM

Location: 113 Deansgate Manchester

Now then, when you go for a bit of scran at the infamous Katsouris you only ever expect good quality nosh. It was brought to my attention that they indeed offer the mighty Ham salad, pre-packed under the stealth title of Egg & Ham. A belly buster full Ciabatta though will smash the average butty budget wide open though at a colossal £3.90 (this is a Ham salad butty we are talking about here after all). However a satisfying half Ciabatta is offered up for your average punter at a very reasonable £2.30.

On first appearances this sarnie looks nothing more than your bog standard Ham salad wedged between a hunk of fat Ciabatta bread. Biting into this baby though releases the fine flavours of Béarnaise sauce complementing the ham & it’s a true delight. Lets get one thing straight here the Béarnaise is a master stroke; it spits in the eye of Mayonnaise & lands Stevie G style blows to Salad Cream, leaving it for dead in the gutter. The only thing that stops this sandwich from blowing competitors out of the water is the sulphur taste that hits you in the back of the throat as you take a bite from the ample amounts of egg. Katsouris bread also always seems to suffer from mountains of flour coating the outer layer leaving even the soggiest mouth gagging for fluids.

Overall though this Egg & Cress / Ham Salad combo fused together with the Béarnaise sauce is a benchmark for all to follow. With its moderate pricing, top ingredients, including more than a layer of ham & great combination of flavours its going to be hard to beat.

Bread: Ciabatta

Optional extras included: None, pre-packed sandwich

Notable Qualities: Béarnaise sauce, Cress

Cost: £2.30 (Half Ciabatta)

Pro's: Béarnaise sauce, Quality ingredients.

Con's: Slightly too much egg, Over floured bread, Full Ciabatta costs a packet.

Overall: 8.5/10

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