Ham Salad: La Piazza

Posted: Tuesday 21st Jul 2009 at 12:19PM

Location: 1 Little Quay St, Manchester

The only Italian offering I can lay my eye on from the Italian sounding La Piazza is the option to have your ham slapped into a Ciabatta. The old lady serving immediately asks if I'd like onions, butter, & mayonnaise, I opt for the latter two. After scurrying around behind the counter for a short while I also accept the option for salt & pepper, none of which I detect on eating.

Down to eating the sandwich & it looks an impressive sight; packed with lettuce, cucumber & tomato, held together with a liberal amount of mayo. As I munched through the first half I happily spied some grated carrot, although it appears this is a rogue addition as no more is found in the other half of the sandwich. The bread however is slightly dry, but this may have been down to my choice of bread, the only other thing I found letting down this big hitter was just 1 slice of ham, although at £2.55 standard price the quality was good.

Bread: Ciabatta

Optional extras included: Mayonnaise, Butter, Ciabatta, Salt & Pepper

Notable Qualities: None standard bread, Rogue grated carrot

Cost: £2.85 (30p Extra for Ciabatta)

Pro's: Cheap offering for Ciabatta sandwich, decent amount of optional extras

Con's: Slightly dry Ciabatta, only one slice of ham

Overall: 7.5/10

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