Back From The Dead

Posted: Saturday 19th Jan 2008 at 02:29PM

My web space providers (I-Websolutions) finally bit the bullet mid-week, they'd been offering a pretty lame service level for a couple of months. I've now switched new to a new provider, EUKHosts.

Hopefully everything will start working as its meant as I finish uploading everything. I've also refreshed the design of the site a little to celebrate the new move!

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wink he he he lol thats really bad x :( :o but hopefully every things gonna b okaii
Posted by: laura x on 19th May 08 - 01:06PM
yes. i think it will be everything alright!!
Posted by: jagx on 19th May 08 - 01:09PM
:p !!!
Posted by: jagx on 19th May 08 - 01:10PM